**disclaimer~ I am not Adam Young. This is just a blog of his tweets**

I'm Laura!
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          Sorry for the crappy tweet quality! I’m posting them from my phone.

                  Anonymous asked "But does adam legit like texas? What about Texas toast? Do you think he's ever made a toast while in texas? Do you think he's ever been toasty in texas? Do you think he won't come to dallas because of Ebola? Pls respond immediately. These are urgent queries."

                  IM OVERWHELMED

                    Anonymous asked "what do u think about Indonesia?--------mchb"

                    I’m not Adam, but I know he loves Indonesia!! :)

                      imahootowlwhovian asked "ADAM WROTE A WHOLE BLOG POST ABOUT HIS LOVE FOR TEXAS!"

                      The anon wrote ‘taxes’ not ‘texas’ lol

                        Anonymous asked "Since we are on the subject of "does Adam like this" Does Adam like..... TaXEs!!!!???"

                        H*ck nope. No one likes taxes!!

                            Anonymous asked "Do you know if Adam likes cats?"

                            Let me just text him and ask him.

                            Haha jk, i think hes more of a dog person.

                              Anonymous asked "Do you know if Adam likes fart jokes?"

                              He’s a dude. He probably loves them!!! Who doesn’t love a good fart joke? ;)