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Anonymous asked "I'm sad because I don't even like the music anymore but I still really like Adam and I just can't seem to let go of this whole obsession crap and so many people have told me im not a real fan and I hate myself everyday for it."

do you just not like the new music? or all of owl city? You can totally be a fan of Adam but not his music, that’s okay! There are no rules to being a fan of anything. Do you like the thing? Good, then you are a fan! :) chin up, little owl! Please don’t hate yourself.

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    downy feathers kiss your face

    downy feathers kiss your face

      Anonymous asked "I'm sad"

      Why are you sad, baby owl?

        Anonymous asked "How do you know?"

        To submit a text post without a tumblr you have to use an email and it was his email.

          Anonymous asked "Was that the real Rob Morgan?"

          Yep :)

              Owl City Bassnessfullness

              Thanks for the shout-out! Yes, it’s true I’ve been asked to join the awesomeness that is Owl City’s live touring band. Bass guitar, synth bass/keyboards, BGV’s, high fives, and provoking jasper to take 10min solos are just a few of the things I’ll be bringing to the table.

              See you all soon.



              How cool is this?? Welcome to the Owl City family!! Can’t wait to see you all on tour! Looking forward to the high fives, as I’m pretty good at those myself!

                Anonymous asked "What is the Danieal Jorisen thing or whatever about?"

                Daniel Jorgensen, just go in the tags, I don’t particularly like talking about it. Or talk to RelientKara, she’s the one who originally posted everything.

                  Anonymous asked "WHY DRAMA PEOPLE? This blog is for the hilarious tweets of Adam Young. Lets keep it that way and not turn this into Hootowl Drama Island. (you're doing an amazing job, keep it up!)"

                  True that! Haha thanks :))

                    Anonymous asked "By talking about it you're not really staying neutral about it"

                    But I haven’t really been talking about it. People have sent me asks, I have answered, I’m not gonna be rude and not answer. I’m just not going to share how I feel about him or the situation.

                      Anonymous asked "how do you feel about the Daniel Jorgensen thing?"

                      It’s best I stay neutral on it, you know?

                        Anonymous asked "So apparently she got tons of anons from who she thinks to be Adam. To quote her words exactly "that jerk that I'm mad at" why would she think the anons were Adam like does she even have any proof???"

                        Noooo ideaaa

                          Anonymous asked "I love how you handle conflict. You're always so professional and upbeat. Thank you for your blog :) It's how I get my daily dose of Adam <3"

                          Ah thanks so much for the encouragement!! I really appreciate it!! :)

                            Anonymous asked "update: she deactivated her tumblr"

                            I saw, maybe this will all go away now. It’s best we just forget it.

                              Anonymous asked "I went on the girl's polyvore and I found out that she is 16 years old and that she is from Kansas. I think she is just making everything up and she needs to see help."

                              Yeah, I know. I think she may just be delusional.