**disclaimer~ I am not Adam Young. This is just a blog of his tweets**

I'm Laura!
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Anonymous asked "I wish Adam could do a concert in where I live cause he's only been here once :'I"

:[ aw I’m sorry, little owl!! Hopefully he visits soon!!!

    Anonymous asked "can u upload a photo you think a bad boy?"


            Anonymous asked "Stoked for the 2 new songs!!"

            Me toooooo :]

              Anonymous asked "Thank God! I finally see the photo of Adam in your profile!!! Can u giver the full pic of it?!!!"

              haha sure!

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                Anonymous asked "Lol who knew Adam was actually cutting some cheese when he tweeted it"

                Such a relatable guy

                    Anonymous asked "Askldheijqgebei SO EXCITED!!"

                    ME TOO!!

                        Anonymous asked "I hear new music!!"


                              Anonymous asked "Ugh I meant whovian as in a resident of whoville"

                              Well its still a no lol