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    nobody-mappedoblivion asked "What is the deal with Adam apparently sending someone hate?? I got an ask about what I thought of the situation and I have no clue what is going on? So sorry to be a bother I just wondered if you knew what was happening here. Thanks!"

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    Adam has better things to do than to send someone hate. You really think he would do that? Why on earth would he? Do not believe everything you see on here. Some people are bitter and want to ruin his image for others. We all know how kind and sassy he is. Don’t listen to anyone else unless they know him personally. And do not trust anyone on anon.

    This has been your informational tid bit brought to you by Laura. Haha (sorry if any of this came off rude, I tend to translate blunter than I mean to in text)

              Anonymous asked "Where did he say that he had a girlfriend? Did I miss a recent interview? Thank you! :)"

              not adam

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                Anonymous asked "waIT GIRLFRIEND WHAT I MISSED SOMETHING"

                not adam

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                  Anonymous asked "So, his girlfriend moved to Minnesota from New Hampshire to be with him? They must be pretty serious. Good for him."

                  I guess so

                    Anonymous asked "What's Daniel Jorgensen's twitter and Instagram?"

                    same as it was before



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