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Anonymous asked "What's your favorite of Adam's side projects?"

That’s a really tough question cause it changes depending on the day. Sky Sailing is just incredible and makes me so happy. Port Blue is an ambient delicacy. So yeah… lol I love them both a lot!!

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    Anonymous asked "Actually, when Adam tweeted, "I'm so tired what is bread", I was literally feeling tired munching on bread"

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      Anonymous asked "OMG you're last post XD I CANT BREATHE"


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        Anonymous asked "I said, WHERE ARE DID MY PANTS GET INSIDE OF ADMANS HOUSE?"





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          Anonymous asked "Why are did my pants get inside adman's house?"

          uh what?

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                Anonymous asked "I KNEW IT"


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                    Anonymous asked "Today was a bad day for me, could you tell me a funny story to cheer me up please ?"

                    of course, sweet owl!!

                    Here are some things my family has said/done.

                    My Opa calls prostate cancer ‘phosphate cancer’. My Oma called the show ‘Cut Throat Kitchen” “Cut Throat Chicken” lol also we had Vevo on our tv yesterday and it was playing a countdown and Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda song came on and she goes “My god they show a lot of butts on here!!” and then proceeded to shield her eyes.

                    Then a while back my other grandpa wanted me to take a picture of him and his ‘cell phone’ 

                    I’ve debated making a blog that is called “Sh*t My Grandparents Say” lol I truly hope these made you smile and that tomorrow treats you a little better than it did today. :))

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                      "Despite all odds, there is hope and that hope is Jesus Christ."
                      Adam Young +

                              Anonymous asked "AS YOU STIR IN YOUR SLEEEEEP!!!"

                              Literally me this morning when adam wouldnt stop retweeting things.