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Anonymous asked "man, the ridiculous asks you get on easter tho"

Never a dull moment on this blog.

    Anonymous asked "Once,I dreamt I took a cute selfie with Adam and I really want it to come true someday . HEAR THAT ADAM WHEREVER YOU ARE!"


        Anonymous asked "Are you a Christian? Aka you believe God sent His son to die and pay for our sins?"


          Anonymous asked "Idk if you would know but somewhere I heard that lights is going to pit her new music out in June And I'd that's true thatvwillbbe g8 cause that will mean now of and llights music in the same month :D"

          that would be so awesome!! 

          that’s all I know about her album. lol she pulled an Adam

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            Anonymous asked "hey you never know everybody makes mistakes no matter what type of lifestyle they are trying to lead."

            then why would I know? lol if he did, I’m sure it’s not something he’d talk about? idk I don’t really like this topic anymore lol

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              Anonymous asked "had I been running your account and gotten those questions, I would have been like "jeez I'm answering these questions on Adam's behalf what do i dooo" and probably spit out something weird and/or possibly inaccurate... but you handled it wonderfully and I just wanna say props to you for being an awesome fan"

              ah thanks so much!! :) it’s definitely a fine line of answering the question as honest as possible without speaking for him. so thank you, I appreciate that!!

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                Anonymous asked "some anons are just... very idk what word to choose"


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                  Anonymous asked "how do you know hes waiting for marriage"

                  He strives to lead a Christ-like life, aka he’s Christian and believes in waiting.

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                    Anonymous asked "has adam ever lost his virginity?"

                    what kind of question is this?? I believe he is waiting til marriage. 

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                      hard hitting questions

                      hard hitting questions

                        Anonymous asked "Do you listen to Windsor Airlift, and if you do, what is your favorite song? Min is Ocean City Park or Hope."

                        honestly I don’t listen to Windsor Airlift too much, I really have to be in the mood for the ambient stuff like Port Blue but I do enjoy Seaboards. (adam played it at my concert :D)

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                            Anonymous asked "Adam never knows what he wants to do."

                            decisions are hard

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